Prevent Further Destruction of Bristol Bay's Land and Waters

The Pebble Limited Partnership has recently applied for new State of Alaska permits to keep using land at the headwaters of Bristol Bay’s major salmon-producing rivers. For the first time since the project began, the State put some conditions on the company’s efforts last year. That was thanks to more than a thousand Alaskans, who asked the State to hold the company accountable for the mess it has already made in Bristol Bay.

But Pebble continues to disregard the will of the people and the requirements of the state, and has yet again left some of its exploration and reclamation work unfinished this past year. This proves what we already knew: Pebble can’t even conduct adequate reclamation in the exploration phase and should not be allowed to keep working in Bristol Bay!

Tell our State government not to do anything that helps the proposed Pebble Mine move forward.

For more than a decade, the State of Alaska gave Pebble permission to explore with little oversight or accountability. Although last year’s stipulations on Pebble’s permit were a good first step in holding the company accountable, it is clear Pebble should not be allowed to operate in the region and will leave Bristol Bay with nothing but a toxic mess.

Last year, inspections by Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources noted problems that required additional work at some of Pebble’s more than 1,300 boreholes. Despite the mess so far, Pebble is asking to drill new holes as part of an extensive exploration program meant to aid them in the permitting process. But Alaskans have been clear: this project is not welcome in Bristol Bay. We must demand the State hold Pebble accountable and not allow any further degradation to our land and all that it sustains.

Today, you can help hold Pebble accountable. Tell Governor Walker and DNR not to allow this toxic business to continue working in Bristol Bay, and deny the state permit.



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